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About the book

Got Homeschool? Well, for most parents these days, the lessons and strategies of homeschooling could not only greatly enhance their children's learning, but quite possibly their lives' ultimate direction. Delving into the history of homeschool, both globally and here in the United States, Finding a Way to Homeschool makes a plea to parents to add these powerful techniques to their households... ANY WAY THEY CAN!
What others say about the book
Nick S.
This book really opened my eyes to how I, as a parent, could easily homeschool my children and determine a powerful future for them. It also showed me how limiting the current educational system is and how homeschool can help to ensure a successful path for my children. I highly recommend this book to any parent who is looking for the best way to educate their child/children.
Rob K.
I had no idea what homeschooling or home school books really were until I read this book. He did a great job showing me how I don't need to be a full-time 'homeschooler' to make these techniques work for my family! I had always though you had to do 'all or nothing'. Boy, was I glad I was wrong! I'd recommend this book to every parent!
Maddy D.
I was considering Homeschooling my son but felt overwhelmed with all the information on the internet. This book was able to answer all the questions I had about homeschooling and what to expect. I appreciate how the book broke down the different homeschool methods along with the pros and cons. It wasn't until I read this book that I finally felt ready to make the decision that homeschooling my son was the way to go.
About the Author
Justin “Master Chim” Garcia is a former professional mixed martial arts fighter, extremely sought after small business mentor, husband and homeschooling dad to three awesome sons. Born and raised in the tough neighborhoods of the Bronx, New York, he realized early on the importance of standards and accountability in one’s plight for success. He currently runs Jungle Gym Martial Arts, one of the nation’s most successful martial arts academies, among a slew of other projects. Check out his website to follow his adventures!